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Educational Discounts For Teachers & Your Business

Purchase earworms downloads in volume (min x20), with a 50% discount & easily distribute to your students or staff. Students can access & download from a selection of 33 earworms Musical Brain Trainer MP3 titles (with PDF Phrasebooks). Download and listen anytime, anywhere & learn the target language, the easy, effective way - on the GO!

Volume Purchase Program

Once you have decided how many downloads you require, complete the short enquiry form below & we will send you a 50% discounted quotation in your local currency.
On receipt of your payment, you will receive a CSV file by email displaying the quantity of (alpha-numerical) codes that you have ordered. Each code represents one complete earworms MBT download from a selection of 16 foreign language options at levels 1, 2 or 3 (with PDF Phrasebook).

Issue single or multiple codes to your Students, Teachers or Staff at any time. There is no time limit on code validity.
EDU Discounts are valid for State or Privately Registered Schools (inc. Home School orgs), Colleges and Universities, Registered Businesses & Language Teachers.

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